Welcome to programmatic advertising! A world sometimes full of buzz words and yackety-yak. We focus on what’s important and help you to understand, plan, activate and scale digital advertising campaigns. We are here to improve your results and provide competitive advantage in marketing. Partnership has always been our key driver and we strongly believe that campaigns become more successful when all stakeholders get involved. True campaign value is created when clients, creatives and media work together. That‘s why we support you from the very beginning and provide services to enable agile campaign management, increase media efficiency and maximize campaign results.

we explain

We are educators and implementers of digital advertising. Our team helps you to understand Programmatic Advertising and to create new ideas for your campaigns. Hand in hand we guide you to further develop your digital advertising and successfully bring it to life. This is our aspiration for Programmatic Advertising, which also has been certified by the German Digital Industry Association (BVDW).

we partner with your team

Nothing is more important than good cooperation. We bet, you’ve already heard that a thousand times! What it means to us: Keeping everyone on the same level of knowledge at all times. Not only at the beginning of the project, or at the end. Always. That’s why we put all stakeholders across all disciplines at one table. After all, small details in agile marketing make huge differences and ensure whether an advertising campaign simply achieves previously defined KPIs – or takes off like a rocket!

we align your creatives with our media and data

We deliver in real time. Everything along the customer journey happens super fast. The creative teams of our partner agencies get the input they need quicker. Our data evaluations – in LogLevel approach – take place immediately. Insights on target groups, touchpoints and timeframes expand the possibilities to place your messages individually. Let’s try it out!

we activate your target audiences

Our first step is buying advertising space. But that’s not it. We analyze and define customer behavior in real time. And that’s how we approach and activate the target group at the best possible time, in the right context with the right message. We’re not interested in simple impressions, but in precisely targeted and delivered advertising messages. This leads to more conversions and leads. That’s a promise!

we identify new audiences

We are always learning. For us, that’s not just a phrase. We love to dive deep into data. Sounds smart, but is quite simple. Marketing intelligence is a key factor in the success or failure of a campaign. Specifically, it involves the continuous analysis of campaign
ingredients and the interactive behavior of the target group. With each ad-placement and the resulting reaction, we learn more about people. Our log-level analysis helps dive into granular depth of evaluation. That’s how we expand the actual target group. In short: In the process we discover new, relevant target groups that probably no one ever had on their radar at all.

Who we work with

● Creative agencies
● Direct clients who need more than just search and social
● Brands who are curious to try out new ways in digital marketing

Our strategy: Approaching the right user at the right time in the right place with the right message.

Display Ads have been declared dead many times. But we believe, display ads are a crucial success factor for any digital campaign when used correctly. With targeting options such as geo, audience, page content, devices or even weather data in real time, we minimize wastage and generate conversions.

Mobile first! At least as far as we consider daily use. However, we admit: Mobile is a big challenge concerning the relevance of advertising messages. Only litte space and small attention spans. That’s why your ads and messages should appear as personalized as possible.This is where tools like hyperlocal targeting come in handy!

No medium is flourishing like video formats. Quite logical, technical standards now allow videos to be played smoothly on any devices you can wish for. And: no medium is better at delivering emotions. We love emotions. But you know what we love about video advertising
even more? Data-based analyses such as video viewability, high quality environments and the comparability to classic television.

Native ads – the chameleon among advertisements – embed naturally into the context of a page in terms of appearance and content. The format is clicked more often than traditional banner ads and provides good engagement and performance values. They are celebrated in professional circles and chosen as the designated replacement to display ads.

Podcasts are everywhere nowadays. And so is audio advertising. Online audio spots enable advertising within music streams and podcasts. Via the choice of the stream we can specifically limit the target group and use a variety of targeting options such as geo or demographics.

Thanks to digital out of home (DOOH), video formats get played on big screens in the middle of the city, at airports or train stations! Amazing – it gives us the opportunity to place emotional messages exactly where your desired target group is located. Geo targeting makes it happen!

One of the youngest and most exciting formats: A combination of television advertising and digital targeting. Switch-In advertising banners get displayed on smart TV’s and generate a complete new form of attention. The wastage is low because only predefined target groups get to see the spots and you still benefit from high coverage of television. It’s a win-win-format! Also not negligible for regional advertisers with smaller budgets.

Connected TV is all about ads on streaming services via smart TVs or any web-connected device and offer a variety of targeting options. We consume what we want, whenever we want to. A high number of people nowadays use streaming services and have a high tolerance for advertising in return for free content.

Let’s improve advertising. Together.